GASEK Oy, CCM-Power Oy and Asmacon Oy to combine their business



Steam, heat and electricity generated from fresh wood - competitive products for gasifying wood chips. The merger will also create a basis for the export of Finnish technology know-how in clean energy.

GASEK Oy and CCM-Power Oy, specializing in renewable energy, and Asmacon Oy, specializing in power plant automation are combining their business activities. This will create a new company with excellent possibilities for growth in the industry. The growth will be accelerated by the need of European companies to find new energy solutions that are based on renewable energy and simultaneously offer notable savings in costs.

The new company will combine wood gasifier and drying technologies as well as power plant and automation know-how. By merging their expertise, the company will be able to offer products that help make efficient use of the renewable energy reserves available in Finland and in Northern Europe. The possibilities for exporting energy products are significant. At the start, the company will concentrate on steam and heat facilities, where the use of wood chips can replace oil in the industry’s existing oil-fired boilers. The Retrofit product will then offer a very fast return on investments. Key products for CHP facilities are also on the company’s agenda.

CEO of GASEK Kauko Väinämö emphasises the growth potential of the new company. “Our growth strategy has moved on to a new phase. We’ve worked with CCM-Power Oy before and we know each other well. We’re ready to face the challenges of the markets and will continue working in a very customer-driven way. Our growth is based on quality products and technologies that offer the customer added value, and on bringing them to market at a fast pace,” he emphasizes. Väinämö is also the CEO of the new company.

CEO of CCM-Power Oy Pekka Ahvensalmi notes that gasifier suppliers have always been a natural customer base for the company's chip driers. ”Now we can develop products that will help us turn fresh wood into electricity, steam and heat together. In addition to dryer patents, we also have patented innovations in gasifying that we can make use of in new customer groups," he explains.
“Finland is the natural place for developing technologies and products for the bioenergy markets. All global technology markets for renewable energy are massive and growing. Refining renewable forest energy demands reliable and efficient technologies in order for it to be a cost-efficient alternative to traditional energy production methods. We believe that we'll be able to be an important partner for our customers in solving energy production challenges and in developing the profitability of their business," says Vesa Sadeharju, chairperson for the new company and partner to VNT.

At the same junction, VNT Management Oy: a Power Fund and Aloitusrahasto Vera are making investments in the company to support business growth.

Additional information:
Kauko Väinämö, CEO, +358 40 1575159,
Pekka Ahvensalmi, CEO, +358 40 7598792,
Vesa Sadeharju, chairperson of the board, +358 40 5073370,

GASEK Oy was founded in 2008 and CCM-Power Oy in 2007. Both companies have developed technologies in renewable energy based on the use of wood chips. The merging IPR brief includes three confirmed patents and over ten new applications. The facilities of the merging company are located in Oulu (management and sales) and in Reisjärvi (research, development and production). For additional information, visit and

Asmacon Oy is a company in the automation industry located in Oulu, which designs, develops and implements projects relating to automation and process technologies. For additional information, visit


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